There are several types of pool covers that have different features and benefits. Here are some of the most popular types of pool covers:

Summer bubble tarp - the basic type of cover. It is not safety!

Winter tarp - a more durable type of tarp designed to cover the pool over the winter season.

Universal tarp - year-round type, designed for both summer and winter cover.

Pool Cover - This type of cover is ideal for covering outdoor pools. The cover protects the pool from weather elements such as rain, snow and sun, and also prevents dirt from entering the water. Many canopies can be controlled remotely, allowing for easy regulation of water temperature and ventilation.

Slatted pool covers - This type of cover consists of independently moving slats that cover the pool surface. The slatted cover has several advantages such as reducing energy consumption as it maintains the water temperature and prevents evaporation. In addition, it protects the pool from dirt and reduces the amount of chemical additives needed to treat the water.

Each type of pool cover has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on the pool owner's preferences and specific requirements.

Choose from a basic summer bubble cover, to a safety all-purpose cover, to a highly elegant underwater slatted cover or a Desjoyaux trackless cover. 

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