The summer sail is placed on the water surface. Its function is not to ensure the safety of the pool. However, the bubble tarp is an essential piece of equipment that, thanks to its insulating properties, will allow you to extend your swimming season.

Installed immediately after swimming, it limits temperature loss and evaporation and prevents debris from settling in your pool. The cover's isothermal function is provided by bubbles in contact with the pool water, which create an insulating air mattress.

The bubble cover will also save you money. In fact, if you have a water heating system, your need for heating will be reduced because heat loss during the night will be reduced.

A bubble cover will also reduce water evaporation by up to 90%, which means less water treatment products are needed. During the day, in bright sunshine, it is best to remove the bubble cover from the pool to reduce algae growth, which is greatly encouraged by the heat. The JD Roller type reel allows you to easily handle the product to protect it from the sun and preserve its life


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