What is a salt chlorinator?

Did you know that salt treatment is actually chlorine treatment? We often tend to think that it is the salt that acts as a disinfectant against algae and other bacteria present in the pool. However, the active ingredient produced by the electrolyzer due to the salt present in the pool is actually chlorine .

The salt water chlorinator is a simplified automated and continuous control of your pool treatment. Thus, with a concentration of 4 g salt/litre of water, the device produces the amount of chlorine needed to sterilize the water in your pool. This solution allows the production of chlorine gas, from salt, needed to balance the pool water.

The electrolyzers are equipped with: - a cabinet whose installation is recommended in the utility room or under a shelter, - an electrolyzer (titanium plates) that fits perfectly into the Desjoyaux filtration discharge pipe.

Salt water passes through the cell and an electrochemical reaction converts the salt into chlorine. Easy to use, the device will maintain constant production by adapting to changes in water parameters. The chlorine produced will destroy the bacteria present in your pool water and, when exposed to UV light, will change back to salt.

As you will have understood, the amount of salt is continuously regenerated and your pool is effectively treated.

Advantages of the electrolyser

- The salt chlorinator will automatically treat your pool and rid you of the slow chlorinations that usually take place with the weekly addition of slow chlorine pebbles. This process reduces the risk of dosing errors.

- It is an environmentally friendly and economical device as it does not require the addition of other chemicals.

- It has all the advantages of chlorine, which remains the best treatment for swimming pools without its disadvantages (it does not attack the skin or the eyes, - Very simple to operate, because you just pour the salt into the pool and start your equipment as soon as it dissolves - The salt chlorinator can be installed on pools with a maximum volume of 100 m3.less chlorine smell)

For optimal operation of the chlorinator, it is recommended to ensure that:

- The pH of the water is between 7.00 and 7.4.

- The salt level present in the water is indicated in the appliance manual: as a general rule -> 4 g/l (minimum 3.2 g/l)

- Water temperature higher than 15 °C with risk of degradation of the cell . In winter it is recommended to switch off the appliance.

- The alkalinity level is between 8 and 15 mg /l. - The dose of stabiliser is 50 mg/m3.

- The stabiliser level is 50 mg/m3

- The filtration time and equipment settings are adjusted to allow a chlorine level between 0.5 and 2 g/m3

The salt chlorinator is therefore a convenient piece of equipment that simplifies the maintenance of your pool. It is a device that is economical and ecological and compatible with most private pools.

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