Do you want to extend the summer in your pool? Thanks to the greenhouse effect, pool roofing allows you to extend the swimming season by several months. Pool roofing also contributes to maintaining water quality. Finally, pool roofing is an effective way to secure your pool when you're not there.

The trackless design of the roofing, shifting is made possible by the highly durable silicone wheels. A visually perfect design where you don't have to look at unaesthetic tracks on the sides of the pool. Can be equipped with solar drive for comfortable shifting.

The pool roof is ideal for those who want to enjoy their pool even in rainy weather. Whether the roofing is low, medium or high, Desjoyaux roofing is made in France and offers UV protection.

In general, pool roofing makes pool maintenance easier by preventing foreign bodies from settling. The frequency of using accessories or products designed for this use is reduced as well. If it allows the owner to make significant savings, he or she will also gain in comfort by maintaining or raising the water temperature by 6 to 10 degrees, but also by preventing evaporation.

Finally, in addition to reducing the use of the pool heater, it will no longer have to be partially emptied for winterization


The aesthetic and easy-to-use low roofing allows you to enjoy all the benefits of pool roofing.

- The low shelter protects the water all year round from dead leaves and external pollution.

- It makes it easy to winterize or start up your pool.

- Reduces maintenance.

- Thanks to the greenhouse effect of the low pool canopy, you can gain 10°C compared to an outdoor pool depending on the season.

- Telescopic, low canopy allows you to enjoy the joys of the water in season.

- Three models are available to cover a large pool (up to 10 m x 5 m).

- Made in France at La Fouillouse (42)

- Colours: 2 colours to choose from

- Available options: guide rail, Desjoyaux 4-wheel drive motor, side opening for easy access to the pool..

Meets safety standard NF P 90309.

- Heat-coated aluminium construction (2 colours to choose from)

- SAN (Styrene AcryloNitrile) bottom and facade filling with anti-UV treatment and 6mm polycarbonate roof with anti-UV treatment

- Fasteners in anti-corrosion stainless steel

- Quick-release system to ensure locking in open or closed position.

- Warranty: parts, labour and movement of each low shelter under the following conditions:

- Reinforcement and infill: 5-year sliding scale warranty.

- Thermal paint: 5-year warranty

- Parts subject to wear and tear related to the operation of the shelter (castors, fittings, brushes, locks): 2 year warranty

Motorization (motor) has a 1 year warranty (excluding labor and travel costs)

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