Desjoyaux has been using the pipeless filter unit system since 1983, when a patent was applied for. Filtration without piping and penetrations into the pool wall provides a simple and effective way to maintain water quality.

The pool water flows through a skimmer into the filtration unit where coarse impurities are filtered out through a geotextile bag. Through the suction pipe, the purified water reaches the pump, which returns the water back to the pool via the discharge pipe. By swirling the water in the pool and the powerful pump output of 18m3 water/hr. The water returns to the skimmer in a swirling motion and the process repeats.

Below is a comparison of the tubeless filtration with standard sand filtration


The filter system has a dual role: to protect the water and to make it clean and clear.

There are three main pool filtration systems on the market.

- Traditional pool filtration with a bottom drain and piping around the pool that leads to a filter media (usually a sand filter) located in a utility room outside the pool,

- overflow pool filtration, which has neither a skimmer nor a bottom drain, as the pool water overflows into a buffer tank before filtration,

- pipeless pool filtration (or stand-alone filter group) where all the elements necessary for filtration are contained in a filter group located at the edge of the pool.

The success of pipeless filtration stems from the fact that this system eliminates the main disadvantages of the other two systems.

The main advantage of pipeless pool filtration is the ease of installation of the system, which does not require any piping around the pool or a remote utility room to house the filter, as the piping, pump and filter media are contained in a unit located at the edge of the pool. This means that there is less pressure loss due to excessive distances between the pool and the filter media and the risk of leaks is reduced.

A second and equally important advantage that follows from the previous points is the cost of installing the system, as labour costs are reduced.

Last but not least, pools equipped with a filtration unit are perfectly adapted to today's land surfaces. No additional space is needed at the bottom of the plot for the installation of the technical room: only the pool area and the regulation distances (in accordance with the PLU) need to be taken into account.

These advantages make the filter groups ideal for both new builds and renovations. For more information, please contact your Desjoyaux partner




FIltrace is suspended just over the edge of the pool, the simple installation is suitable for economically intended pools or cottages. It includes everything needed for perfectly clean water.

The GRI 181 filter unit is equipped with a skimmer, a discharge nozzle and two LED lights.

FIltrace ensures perfect mixing of the pool water, even in the most hidden corners, thanks to the side nozzle. The filtration can also serve as a stepping stone for small children ...


The PFI CAMO built-in design filtration is an elegant solution for every pool. The filtration meets the requirements for a hidden solution that is not at all noticeable at first glance.

By covering the top of the filtration with Desjoyaux tiles, the filtration is ideally and discreetly integrated into the surrounding tiles.

Any roofing can pass over the built-in filtration and a slatted cover can also be used over the filtration.

The filtration can also be perfectly hidden in modern wooden terraces so that nobody notices that they are standing over the filtration.

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