Desjoyaux as one family

Jean Desjoyaux was founded in France in 1965. The 19,000 m2 production plant employs more than 160 people and produces and ships more than 10,000 swimming pools a year to 75 countries around the world.

Desjoyaux is a family-run business that has specialised in the manufacture and construction of swimming pools for almost 60 years. The company has branches all over the world and is known for its innovative technology, high quality and ease of use.

Desjoyaux offers a wide range of swimming pools in different sizes and styles, which are made of quality materials and designed to meet the requirements and wishes of each customer.

Desjoyaux is known for its pipeless filtration systems that are environmentally friendly and very effective in purifying pool water. Desjoyaux focuses on quality and professional service and strives to satisfy the needs of its customers to the maximum.

We are international company

With more than 380 stores on 5 continents and more than 220,000 installations, we have become the world's leading exclusive network for inground pool construction.

We are professionals 

We are here to help you navigate the pool market and help you realize your dream ... We will be with you from the initial consultation, through the site visit, to the actual implementation of the pool, handover and training. We will stay with you after the pool is handed over for various service or operational activities.

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Pool consultation directly with the client is the basis for a successful cooperation.

Customized pool construction


Do you know which pool to choose? We are here to help you find your way.

Service and warranty

Even after the pool is handed over, we will stay with you and help you with winterization or any necessary servicing.

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