The Desjoyaux pool roller blind combines comfort and discretion for those who want to preserve the aesthetics of their pool.

The pool roller blind provides effective security , which can be implemented as often as you wish and in a few moments.

In addition, it keeps all or part of the heat accumulated during the day and even saves up to 8 ° C.

Finally, this automatic cover also offers the advantage of reducing the consumption of cleaning agents by effectively protecting the pond and eliminating the phenomenon of photosynthesis that generates the appearance of algae and other micro-organisms.

The only cover for the whole year.

- Protects water from dead leaves and external pollution all year round.

- All automatic cover models are motorized for easy operation.

- Submerged roll-up doors keep all or part of the heat accumulated during the day and even save up to 8°C.

- Suitable for pools from 2×2 m to 14×7 m (depending on model).

- Some roller shutter models can be equipped with a salt chlorinator control, allowing you to regulate chlorine production depending on whether the pool is open or closed.

Complies with safety standard NF P 90308

- 76 min or 83 mm PVC slats or 83 mm polycarbonate slats with solar collector effect

- Colours: 4 to 8 colours depending on model

- Axis motorization.

- The roller blind has a motor shutdown system when abnormal voltage is detected on the return (available depending on model).

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