The principle of swimming against the current is to create a current of water that allows you to swim in place in the pool. The principle of operation is as follows: the water in the pool is sucked in through a suction nozzle and pushed back into the pool by higher pressure.

There are two main concepts of counter-current swimming systems: a system integrated into the pool or a system integrated into the filter unit.

An upstream swimming system installed in traditional masonry pools with piping around the pool is most often planned before the pool is built. The pressure required for counter-current swimming is obtained by installing an additional pump.

In pools equipped with a filtration group, the option of counter-current swimming is much easier to integrate, as it is enough to install a higher flow pump or a two-speed pump that allows a standard flow for pool water filtration and a higher flow for counter-current swimming. Pools equipped with a filtration unit also have the advantage that this option can be incorporated later if the initial budget does not allow it. Simply choose a model of filtration unit equipped with this option and install a pump to ensure sufficient pressure.

The latest innovative counter-current swimming models are accessories that mount directly onto the filter groups. For example, the JD Aqua Jet's, developed by Piscines Desjoyaux, are installed by means of a nut on the discharge neck of the filtration unit. Simply install the nozzle corresponding to the intensity of the swimming you want to do (sports swimming with the "Dolphin" nozzle or relaxation swimming with the "Turtle" nozzle) by simply turning it ¼. This option can be switched on and off using the pneumatic control button accessible from the pool. Another positive point is that this option can be installed on all filter groups equipped with a two-speed pump or a P25 pump.

With JD Aqua Jet's pumps, Piscines Desjoyaux allows you to enjoy the benefits of a counter-current swimming option with unbeatable value for money!

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