Jean Desjoyaux
Jean Desjoyaux
"The pool is not just concrete, the pool surroundings and the water ... it's above all the contagious happiness and shared family spirit."


The history of the French company Desjoyaux began in France, in the Saint-Etienne region. Today, it is a network of 350 dealers that covers the whole world so that everyone can find someone from Desjoyaux in their vicinity, someone who can give them expert advice.

Over the years, the Desjoyaux concept has managed to transcend borders, both geographical and technical. With its ability to innovate and its quality of production and service, our brand has established itself on all 5 continents.

Today, more than 5,000 of our associates around the world wear Desjoyaux colours every day.

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Family swimming pools since 1966

One day in 1966, Jean Desjoyaux thought he would like to offer a swimming pool to his family. Determined, he therefore undertook to build it himself. Soon there would be giggles, pleasure, memories. But also friends, neighbours, a good-natured atmosphere worthy of the best holidays... 

With this first pool, Jean Desjoyaux discovers that a pool is not just concrete and water, it is also - and above all - contagious happiness, spirit and shared family. And thanks to his creative spirit, Jean Desjoyaux and his successors have developed many innovations over the years, making pools a right for all families.

Piscine Desjoyaux founded in 1966

No. 1 in the world in the reinforced concrete swimming pool segment

patented pipeless filtration system

Represented in 80 countries worldwide

450 branches on 5 continents

5,000 employees

15,000 pools per year