Meet the advantage of Desjoyaux


Exclusive Desjoyaux filtration system patented in 1983,

Inspired by marine outboard engines, the filtration is designed without pipes!

No more long and costly burying of pipes and creating a utility room. No more buried pipes, no risk of leaks!

No penetrations into the pool skeleton.

100% French made.


Active lost formwork - the elements of the lost formwork are 25cm wide and can be combined to create any size pool for you. Inside, the pool wall is smooth, the chambers are poured with concrete.

Active lost formwork is a concept patented by Desjoyaux in 1978. It achieves the technical feat of matching speed of installation, reliability over time and freedom of shape and size of your pool .

The recycled polypropylene panels are pre-assembled in the factory and, once installed on site, are poured with concrete in a single operation.


The pool is concreted in one moment, in one day. This creates a structurally perfect and ideal construction, where the bottom is connected to the pool walls.

For other types of pools, the base slab must always be concreted and prepared before the pool itself can be built. Desjoyaux does it all in one step.


Choose a pool liner from our range and create a bespoke pool atmosphere !

Liner is a flexible PVC material that seals the pool. It adapts to all pools regardless of their shape and size.

Simply attaches to the structure with a hanging profile., allows quick replacement without interference with the structure.

The wide range of colours will give your pool a unique identity



Harmonising your pool with its outdoor environment and adding style to your pool is now possible.

Desjoyaux offers 3 wide ranges of curbs and pavers that allow you to enhance your pool to your taste.

3 ranges to choose from, Classic, Tradition and Travertine, for a classic and authentic style to your pool.

The pavers guarantee a non-slip and frost-free surface.


Equipping your pool also means choosing the best pool access.

Desjoyaux offers you a complete range of staircases, built-in to the pool or inside, so that everyone can find their pool staircase solution according to their wishes and budget.

It is essential that you enter and exit your pool with complete peace of mind!

Desjoyaux pool stairs provide you with a complete pool access solution: safety, comfort and strength for all types of pools.