The staircase, which is an integral part of the pool, adds a touch of aesthetics. Keep in mind that it's also a place to sit down to relax or chat with family and friends. A good staircase must therefore be practical and safe, especially if it is to accommodate children. There are different stair shapes, Desjoyaux tells you all about the technical and functional features of each model!

To choose the right pool stairs, you need to know what your needs are in terms of comfort/safety/aesthetics, what your budget is, what type (above ground, recessed, semi-recessed, etc.) and the shape of your pool.Finally, talk to your pool specialist, he or she can help you choose the stairs that will best fit your pool.


Corner steps allow access to the pool from the right or left side, depending on where you approach the pool from. Corner steps do not take up much space in the pool and allow you to make the most of the internal space in the pool so that you can swim the full length of the pool.


The stairs across the width are very comfortable! If you want comfortable access to the pool or if you want to sit down with your friends, use the first extra wide step! It is shallow and has the warmest water!


The Romanesque staircase is a Desjoyaux classic! Choose small or large Roman steps - they are external and you can make the most of the length and width of the pool.